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Professionally applied makeup that stays with you 24 hours a day...

Beauty that won't wash off!


Permanent cosmetic make-up is perfect for :


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What is permanent cosmetic make-up???

Eyebrows: Any women who uses eyebrow pencil will love having permanent cosmetic makeup it will look better than her own makeup but won't need to be applied everyday.

Eyeliner: Small amounts of pigment are applied at the base of the lashline, making lashes look fuller. A solid line of small dot's , or a soft smudge can be achieved.

Lips: Color's that mimic natural lip color and are available in many shades. The liner corrects and add definition and fullness , it can reshape your lips the line can be applied lightly for a very natural look and more for a more dramatic look.

Scar cover- up: Color is matched to the skin tones and then applied to the scarred areas to match the surrounding skin. The scar will actually seem to disappear. Treating scar tissue can be a very rewarding experience. Also giving a very natural look.


Any women who want's to wake up every morning looking great and ready to go !!


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About Shirl A. Stockman, Licensed Dermalogist

Combining artistic and technical skills with 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. Shirl's expertise entails knowledge of mixing cosmetic colors for each individual. She has been recognized as a professional through her work as a fine oil painting artist. Ms. Stockman has been applying permanent cosmetic makeup since 1989, through the Perma-Derm Academy.

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